Darkness Visible

Lammas-tide, has offered a time to reflect upon the process of growth, flowering, harvest – of both the states of being and becoming. It lends me the use of such natural imagery of sowing, reaping etc.

Lammas-tide, a time to reap either a full or sparse crop dependant on the quality of soil and how the externals have been filtered before reaching the seed.

Let me start my thoughts with what many would deem the ‘uncomfortable’; darkness, silence, feelings of solitude. Many would see such as a cold and unforgiving state. Personally, I think we should see this as an inexhaustible fullness.

The earth freshly cleaved offers within its bosom a natural state of darkness, the hum of silence within, true ‘being’ according to its self, no more and no less. Within the all encompassing depth of the silent dark, a seed may be found. The strength of such a thing is found within the nutrient-rich surround of darkness, its succour in the efficiency in which the silence is able to greet the fleeting externals. Away from this centre of silence the externals may find form as either torrential downpour or tepid drizzle; yet the silent dark embracing seeds of promise will merely offer waters of nourishment, regardless of the external condition.

Once strong enough, the seed will sprout, break the surface of its silent womb and in maturity will offer itself and the fruits of its existence to the world.

Musing upon this imagery, the process of ‘seed’ development, with what do we identify our selves? Are we the seed? Are we the developed plant or are we the fruits of such? Could we possibly be the fertility of silence, purity of Being in its dark fullness? Or are we an unspoken utterance, the inaudible “fiat” between the formless and the form?

Blessings of the tide to all.

Flags, Flax & Fodder,



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