Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Voice Reclaimed

Beloved Lady, do you remember me,
One who’s voice has been lost in the wilderness?

Battle-worn, each scar that I bear,
A token carried marking my love for You.

Kinship’s bond; that I am and will be,
Is found within the dreams and deeds of my People.

Woe befall all who sully Your name,
Weal to those who hold no breath outside of Truth.

Whisper’d song, a sonnet to Your favour’d, a doom to the treacherous.
Your beauty beguiles, a snare to the unready.

Willingly laid, awaiting Your verdict, am I ensnared or embraced?
Staves have long-been carved, yet I will be last to know…

Flags, Flax & Fodder,


(“Kreimhilde’s Revenge” by Harold David Johnson)